“There is tremendous joy in pushing yourself further than you think you can go and discovering that you are not as limited as you believe.”

~Lisa Nicholson, L.Ac., owner of Eastern Body Therapy/Balboa Park Holistic Wellness Center

Our Philosophy

Our clinic philosophy is that EVERY person has the capability to heal deep within themselves, and we know that modern life leaves most of us disconnected from our bodies so we forget how to tap into that power within us. Our practice is based on empowering people to reconnect with their innate ability to heal.

We use acupuncture, nutrition counseling, supplements including vitamins, amino acids, and herbs, bodywork, cupping, and electrical stimulation to give your body everything it needs – including a “swift kick in the pants” – to turn on its powerful healing capability. We don’t believe in the sledge-hammer approach. A good nudge in the right direction is often all it takes to reconnect your innate healing ability, and we make a point of doing the minimum intervention necessary to get the job done.

We have everything we need to heal inside of ourselves.

Much of the physical pain we experience is due to emotional factors – fear of injury, resistance to change, fear of the pain getting worse or never going away, frustration over being unable to do things we want to do.

Physical pain and emotional pain are intimately interrelated, and you really can’t have one without encountering the other. People with depression almost always experience some physical pain, and people with chronic pain nearly always experience depression and/or anxiety. Most of our patients have experienced a world of both physical AND emotional pain which are so interconnected it is nearly impossible to separate them.


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Focus on Results

Our goal is to see you feel better and meet YOUR health goals. We’ll work together to create a dynamic treatment plan you agree to follow, making adjustments along the way to keep you on track with meeting your goal. While we’ll NEVER “kick you out” of our practice, once you’ve met your goals and finished your treatment plan, we encourage monthly maintenance visits for four to six months to make sure the results are lasting and to deal with any bumps which come up along the way. After that, it’s completely up to you whether you want to continue with long-term maintenance care.

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Support for your Decisions

You have the right to make your own decisions about your medical care. Whether you choose to do only natural medicine or work in tandem with your physician for a pharmaceutical or surgical solution, we will support your decision and focus your treatment plan accordingly. If we believe your condition requires conventional medical intervention, we’ll tell you and encourage you to be seen by your primary care doctor or an appropriate specialist. Our goal is for you to get better as quickly and completely as reasonable, through whatever means YOU choose.

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Honesty and Integrity

We always strive to maintain complete integrity in our interactions with patients, partners, referring clinics, suppliers, and all others with whom we connect. We will only recommend what is necessary, never more, never less. We will always treat you fairly and with respect. And, we will always do our best to help you in every way with your wellness goals and needs.

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