Cannabis Health Coaching

Cannabis is an incredible plant which has been part of medicine in nearly every culture for over 5000 years. We teach our clients everything they need to know to choose appropriate products for themselves and use those products safely whether for symptom relief or recreation.



First, you book an appointment. You can choose whether you want to meet us in person or virtually. Before your scheduled time, we’ll sent you some paperwork to fill out which will guide our conversation. We’ll ask you your reasons for wanting to try cannabis and what you hope to accomplish.

Next, we’ll review your medical history including other medications you are taking to make sure cannabis is a safe option for you.

If we agree that cannabis is appropriate, we’ll give you recommendations for products and doses which will help you meet your goals. If we agree that cannabis is NOT appropriate for you, we will provide alternative recommendations which may include diet changes, exercise, nutrition supplements, or Chinese herbs.

We are NOT a dispensary. We have access to a variety of full spectrum and broad spectrum hemp products, and we can provide recommendations for local dispensaries where products containing THC can be purchased.


As Chinese herbalists, we are uniquely trained in the use of whole plant medicine. Acupuncturists in California receive over 9 semesters of training to learn how to use individual herbs, combine them into formulas, and customize recommendations to their patients. Herbalists are among the only medical providers who are fully trained to understand the “entourage” effect of using whole plant medicine. Our lead acupuncturist has completed extensive training as a cannabis coach through Holistic Caring, under the direction of cannabis nurse, Elisabeth Mack.

We’re passionate about using cannabis like any other herb in our arsenal – with respect and safely. We KNOW that plants have active ingredients which may interact with other medications. We get that many people who are curious about this particular plant are more interested in its medicinal action than it’s recreational potential. The fastest growing group of cannabis medicine users in the US are adults over age 60, and most are using it to help relieve annoying physical or emotional symptoms. We understand the concerns of people who have multiple prescriptions and still want to use plant medicine to enhance their wellbeing.

We’re licensed healthcare providers AND certified cannabis coaches, and we’re dedicated to helping our clients to pick the right medicines, figure out the best dosing strategy for their particular situations, and locate high quality and safe products to meet their goals.

What Can I Use Cannabis Medicine For?

  • Chronic pain management
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Support during cancer treatment
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic digestive conditions like IBS
  • PTSD symptoms
  • General wellness
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. While the law prohibits us from claiming that a plant can “cure or relieve” any disease, there are over 15,000 research studies listed in the PubMed database showing efficacy of cannabis for a variety of conditions including those listed above. Individual results may vary and we cannot guarantee specific outcomes or results.

What if I Prefer to Learn on My Own?

We love empowering people to make choices about their own health and well being. We’ve partnered with Holistic Caring to offer their series of educational programs on the safe use of cannabis medicine for a variety of health conditions. These programs are reasonably priced, and can get anyone started down the path of learning about this plant and its uses.

To access the library of educational programs, learn more about them, and sign up for anything of interest, click the link below and select the “Patient Programs” tab: .

Frequently Asked Questions About  Cannabis Health Coaching

Is it Confidential?

Absolutely! We are bound by HIPAA and take everyone’s privacy very seriously. If you choose to do your consultation virtually, our conferencing soft-ware uses the highest grade encryption to secure the communication channel, and is compliant with all State and Federal privacy regulations.

Why Do a Cannabis Health Coaching Session?

There are  lots of reasons!

Maybe you have been curious about whether cannabis can help you feel better, but haven’t known where to begin.

Maybe you’ve had a few experiences with cannabis, and you are looking for guidance from a certified expert in cannabis medicine.

Maybe you’re taking other medications and you’re concerned about interactions. 


How Do I Schedule My Cannabis Health Coaching Session?

Easy, peasy! It’s just like scheduling any other appointment in our office. Simply click the link below, input your name, email address, and phone number, choose your appointment date and time, then click “Book” and you’re DONE!”

You’ll receive an email confirming your appointment and instructions for connecting with us at your scheduled time.

Lisa Nicholson, L.Ac., DNBAO is a master acupuncturist, licensed in California and nationally certified. She is a skilled nutritionist and wellness coach and certified Holistic Caring Cannabis Coach, with a passion for helping people experiencing physical and emotional pain to reconnect with their passion for living. As a breast cancer survivor, she is uniquely aware of what breast cancer patients experience from the moment of diagnosis through the entire treatment process.

The child of a teacher and a dentist in a family chock full of physicians, psychologists, and lawyers, Lisa chose a different path. Since childhood, Lisa has been drawn to helping people overcome physical and emotional challenges to live fulfilling and rich lives. Although she was pre-med with her psychology major at SUNY Albany, she found she didn’t resonate with “conventional” medicine and instead, went on to complete a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. After 8 years of working with people struggling with mental illness and addiction, she was looking for a new challenge. As a career counselor, Lisa “tried on” nearly every medical tradition, ultimately settling on Chinese Medicine because it was the one system which fully embraced her philosophy about the interconnectedness of mind and body and offered a treatment system which simultaneously addresses both

Lisa is an endurance athlete who has participated in competitive swimming, cross-country, downhill and water skiing, backpacking, rock climbing, and cycling. At age 29, a water skiing crash left her with a major injury to her back, neck, and shoulders, and threatened to disable her. But Lisa was determined to get back into her athletic pursuits. Because all of her injuries were non-surgical soft-tissue problems, conventional medicine had nothing to offer except drugs. Lisa instead turned to chiropractic and her yoga practice to gradually heal her injuries. It was during a yoga teacher training class where she had an epiphany that much of her ongoing pain was due her fear and resistance to feeling more pain. Through a meditation with a partner, she gradually and gently unlocked the spasms which had bound her back for months, guiding herself back to the movement she needed to heal. Since then, she has continued her yoga practice and taken up first rock climbing and then cycling, training over a period of years to the ultra-cycling world. Now, 100 miles is a training ride, and Lisa has successfully finished events including Race Across the West and Paris-Brest-Paris.

As a breast cancer survivor, Lisa is particularly passionate about helping other breast cancer patients to get through their treatment and restore their health and well being. She has experienced the pain of surgery, the nausea and fatigue of chemotherapy, the fear and frustration of landing in the emergency room with sepsis following one of her treatments, and the skin irritation associated with radiation therapy.  She has successfully returned to her athletic lifestyle following treatment. As someone who has participated in multi-day timed athletic events, she is intimately familiar with the experience of being alone in the dark physically exhausted and afraid, while trying to keep enough forward movement to finish the event. This makes her uniquely suited to working with people undergoing cancer treatment.

Lisa loves to travel, and especially likes to experience other cultures through their food. She is a skilled gourmet cook, and brings her fascination with all things culinary into the clinic with nutrition recommendations, recipes, and more

When she’s not in the clinic or on her bike, you can find Lisa at home in her kitchen or reading with her husband and Percy, the cat who shares her spirit of adventure and zest for fine food

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